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Functional Overview

Blue Ink templates combine a database schema with user entered meta-data to produce text output.

Screenshot: JAG Workflow

The Blue Ink project home page provides a starting point for the most common actions.

Screenshot: Meta-Data

Blue Ink Meta-Data enables course grained changes to generated applications.

Top Blue Ink Benefits

  • Increase application functionality
  • Decrease defects
  • And get up to speed quickly with the low learning curve
  • Increase:
    • Standardization
    • CMM Level
    • Project Predictability, Effectiveness, Control
  • Decrease Maintenance Costs

Top Blue Ink Features

  • Instant Applications That
    • Are 100% Customizable
    • Work within Visual Studio
    • Lack dependence on Blue Ink
    • Use Industry Best Practices
  • The Blue Ink Application
    • Supports Data Model Changes
    • Preserves Custom Code
    • Handles All Database Relationships
  • Out of the Box Generates
    • Stored Procedures (SQL)
    • Data Access Components (C#)
    • Business Components (C#)
    • Business Entities (Typed Datasets)
    • Service Interfaces (C#)
    • Web User Controls (C#)
    • Aspx Pages (C#)
    • Table Level Security
  • DBMS's Supported
    • SQL Server 7 & 2000
    • Microsoft MSDE
    • Oracle 8i & 9i (soon)


Blue Ink Overview

This page contains summary Blue Ink information including benefits, functional details, pricing, and evaluation information.


Blue Ink's primary benefit is greatly increased productivity. On its last project Blue Ink increased productivity over 400% compared to writing applications by hand! More details are available in Time Savings.

Blue Ink provides additional benefits such as:

  • Pre-implemented senior developer expertise
  • Increased project predictability, effectiveness and control
  • Immunity from the last minute requirements changes

More information is available in Blue Ink Benefits.

What is Blue Ink

Blue Ink is a Rapid Application Development Tool for software developers that gathers and transforms information. Specifically Blue Ink gathers information from a database schema (the tables, columns and relationships of a database) and from the user through meta-data questions such as "should the employee name field be displayed in search results?". Blue Ink transforms the gathered information through templates that have the ability to write arbitrary text output. Blue Ink's text output is typically programming code (although it doesn't need to be), so Blue Ink is technically a code generator.

Automated Architecture provides a default set of templates that allow Blue Ink to write a Microsoft .Net, enterprise level, n-tier web application written in C# (which is described in more detail in Application Architecture and an example of which can be viewed in our Demo section). The generated application works with minimal installation and without the need to write a single line of code!

In order to take full advantage of application generation technology, Automated Architecture has developed a methodology, or recommended approach, to help describe how Blue Ink fits into your software development projects. This approach is known as the JAG Methodology. Reading this paper will help provide an understanding of how to use Blue Ink effectively on a project.

For more information see Blue Ink Screenshots or check out the Blue Ink Technical Details whitepaper, which is a 16 page overview of how Blue Ink works. The paper will explain Blue Ink's templates and meta-data in greater detail and will explain concepts such as Blue Ink's runtime code technology.

Pricing / Evaluation

Blue Ink may be used on an unlimited basis for the first 30 days, and thereafter on databases with fewer than 15 tables at no charge. A SQL Server instance and the Microsoft .Net framework are required. To get started first download Blue Ink from CNet's

Get it from CNET!

After downloading create a Blue Ink Net account by either clicking "Create Account" at the Blue Ink login screen or by clicking here. Then log in with the account created and the password that will be e-mailed to you.

See Blue Ink Licenses Summary for futher pricing information.


Why the name Blue Ink?

What is a web application?

What is JAG?

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