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April 14 2011 - Siren of Shame Automated Architecture is proud to announce the availability of our new build monitor called Siren of Shame. It's a USB siren that sits on your desk and goes off when someone breaks the build. If you use continuous integration (such as TFS, Team City, or Hudson) please check it out.

July 24 2007 - Updated Blue Ink Templates Released a minor update to the template that resolves issues with Vista.

January 27 2007 - First BLOG Post Today Blue Ink author Lee Richardson launched his personal BLOG which focuses on rapid application development, code generation, and implementing ASP.Net web application. Click below to check it out at: or click below to learn about "the importance of the logical data model".

November 6 2006 - New PM Article: Seven Signs The Gantthead Project Management portal just published a second article by Blue Ink author Lee Richardson. The article touches on benefits of the JAG methodology. Click for the article.

July 27 2006 - New Templates, Version 3.2 With the 3.2 templates we now support ASP.Net 2.0's latest site navigation / sitemap technology, have enhanced page level security, and have integrated the two per our DevX article on 7/15. Click below for release notes and details.

July 15 2006 - DevX Featured Article: Site Navigation Todays featured article on DevX is part one of a two part series developed by Blue Ink author Lee Richardson that demonstrates Site Navigation Problem and their Solutions in ASP.Net 2.0. Version 3.2 of the .Net templates due out this week will use many of the techniques described in the article. Click below for the article.

May 5 2006 - 1.2 Million Developers Learn of Blue Ink In May if every developer that passes by clicks on our new Nested DataGrids Simplify Hierarchical Data Display article, this could be the result. Click below to view the article.

April 26 2006 - New JAG Project Plan If you're planning a project that uses Blue Ink, don't miss this detailed project plan for our recommended software development methodology.

April 20 2006 - New Website Design We updated the home page and all of the seconday pages to incorporate more of the dynamic content of the site. Stop by the forums and let us know what you think.

April 13 2006 - Updated Templates 3.1.0 All generated code is now XHTML 1.0 Transitional Compliant in addition to being 508 compliant. We also fixed minor bugs, click below to read the details.

April 6 2006 - New Technical Article In response to a question on the forums today we have added a new technical article that provides some best practices for customizing a Blue Ink solution.

March 3 2006 - Templates 3.0.0 Released New support for Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.Net 2.0. Supports new ASP.Net 2.0 Features like Master pages and menu controls. Read whole story:

February 17 2006 - New Satisfied Customer The Fairfax County Master Gardeners Association was so pleased with their new Blue Ink roster application that they provided a link to us on their homepage. Their application contained fewer than 15 database tables and consiquently cost them nothing!

December 26 2005 - Version 1.4.1 Now on Cnet After a lengthy scannning process Cnet has listed the latest version of Blue Ink.

December 14 2005 - Expanded Community Support We added Support Forums and Success Stories to our community section and expanded our Frequently Asked Questions. Read on for the whole story.

November 30 2005 - New: Screenshots and Code Samples We added two new sections to our site, please check out Blue Ink Screenshots and Code Samples from the Northwind Demo.

November 28 2005 - Blue Ink Version 1.4.1 New release resolves defects, improves UI and workflow documentation, and adds new features. Note: version not yet released on, get here.

October 27 2005 - Newsletter Issue Four Newsletter #4: Published, republished, and gaining momentum

October 17 2005 - Published: "Cracking the Code" - The project management portal today published author Lee Richardson's article on the advantages of code generation.

October 14 2005 - Republished: RAD - With our permission the software development portal republished our Rapid Application Development article.

September 30 2005 - Updated templates: 2.3.5 Fixed mostly minor issues including some functions not being marked virtual or protected.

August 23 2005 - New Article: Data Modeling in Visio An article to help developers and designers navigate the pitfalls of Data Modeling in Microsoft Visio.

August 23 2005 - New Site Design Updated the website look and feel, added the new articles section.

August 22 2005 - Listed: CNet's CNet's listed Blue Ink today. We now encourage all downloads to go through

July 14 2005 - Updated templates: 2.3.4 Fixed minor issues including cleaning up the Post Installation Instructions as well as fixing an issue with ViewMultiple datasets.

June 24 2005 - New Article: Rapid Application Development We have posted a new article on our website that provides a detailed look at what Rapid Application Development really means.

June 22 2005 - Listed: Code Generation Network Blue Ink has now been listed on the Code Generation Network, which is a vast resource of code generation information and tools.

June 9 2005 - Updated: Northwind We updated the Northwind Demo application based on the latest version of templates (2.3.3).

June 8 2005 - Updated templates: 2.3.3 Implemented minor updates including allowing "Use Smart Navigation?", fixing issues with ViewMultipleDataSet and updating the OnScreenReadMe.

May 23 2005 - Blue Ink Enters Production After stabilizing the beta, completing development of all primary functionality and documentation, thoroughly running through test scripts, and fixing resulting defects, Automated Architecture released version 1.4 of Blue Ink into production.

May 23 2005 - Updated templates: 2.3.2 Fixed minor issues including updating the PostGenerationInstructions(Defect 56), and addding the OnScreenReadMe template (defect 66), which only displays during the first generation.

May 3 2005 - First Successful Project Today marks the completion of Blue Ink's first successful project. Blue Ink was used to create a resource management application for a big four accounting company. Blue Ink outperformed expectations by reducing hours per entity to 23, and providing a five-fold increase in productivity compared to coding by hand. More detail to be provided on the website in the coming weeks.

April 30 2005 - Newsletter Issue Three We released our third newsletter

January 7 2005 - Newsletter Issue Two We released our second newsletter.

December 16 2004 - Newsletter Issue One Our first Blue Ink newsletter.


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