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Support for XSLT Templates?

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Dec 6 2005
3:13 PM
Do you plan to have support for XSLT-based definition of templates?
Lee Richardson

Dec 7 2005
9:28 AM
What additional value would you find in XSLT vs the current implementation of templates in C#? While I love the inherent recursion of the language I find XSLT frustratingly verbose. And the fact that C# templates are compiled should mean they are faster, although it is hard to compare. JOOC have you used other RAD / Code Generator tools? What do you think of Blue Ink so far?

- Lee
Dec 7 2005
3:48 PM
Lee, I tried to create an XSLT and see how it can be used to create code.
I believe that the actual template will be shorter than the the C# driven template. And mostly this will be due to the inherent recursion of XSLT.
Turning an existing class into a XSLT template, I assume will be simpler than creating a C# driven template.

So far the impression of BlueInk is very positive. The generated architecture will pass most of the reviews.
I am a bit annoyed that I need internet connection in order to use Blue Ink. It makes demonstration of Blue Ink a bit more difficult.
But at the same I do understand that IP needs to be protected.
And as I have said, I want to benefit from the existing familiarity of my team with XSLT rather than asking them to learn how to use CodeDOM to create templates.
What about Java? if I want to use Blue Ink to generate Java code, then my team needs to be familiar with both Java and C# !!!
Lee Richardson

Dec 7 2005
4:22 PM

I can certainly understand the frustration of requiring an Internet connection, that was a tough architectural choice. I do have plans to allow off line access as I suspect this has already limited sales, but probably not until late 2006. Working with Oracle and integrated message boards and support forums are currently the next two priorities (to actually take advantage of the required Internet connection).

As far as Java, I unfortunately don't have the expertise to write a set of templates for J2EE. If enterprising Blue Ink users to not create them I may hire someone to, it is a long term goal. For now I am looking to partner with a sister product in the Java world (please let me know if you would recommend any).

I am not completely sure I understand your comments about templates. Blue Ink C# templates simply use StringBuilder.Append statements to write the text of stored procedures, web forms, etc no CodeDOM necessary. Furthermore your developers can modify the templates, but I have found most users do not need or choose to very often. Shame, really, but most developers generate an app and work directly with it.

- Lee

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