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Positive feedback and success stories directly from existing Blue Ink users. If you have good things to say:
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"Astounded by its Power and Capabilities"

I used Blue Ink to develop an application for a not-for-profit volunteer organization recently. I am astounded by its power and capabilities. This is no faint praise. I have invested many years to get a development team to use best practices to deliver results with high productivity and quality. It took hard work and discipline to meet specific goals: Function points per units of work time and Number of defects per units of function point. Now looking back we could have reached that point five fold sooner with the use of Blue Ink.

Blue Ink and the use of RAD or JAG methodology make available another very important value, that of not missing business intent. It could completely eliminate the problems of not accurately capturing all requirements and the costs associated with it.

It is my fond hope that Blue Ink goes a long way to reverse the tide of Off-Shoring to manage software costs.

Amol Kaikini
Fairfax County Master Gardeners Association
December 3 2005

"Working Web Application Within 30 Minutes"

I have quite a bit of experience in the technology field. In the past I have developed web applications, worked with CRM products and I have some experience in data modeling. If I had to rate my experience level with the .NET architecture, I would rate myself as a novice. Although I have had the opportunity to create some web forms (.aspx) pages, I have not had any extensive experience in .NET.

I just recently started my own company and I was in need of a web application to handle my order management, contact management and catalog management activities. Although I had very little hands on experience in .NET, I decided that .NET was the technology I wanted to use for my application. At the same time, I shuttered at the cost of hiring a contractor to build my application. My solution was Blue Ink.

With Blue Ink I was able to have a working web application "out of the box" within 30 minutes! Of course the time to build a web application will vary. It all depends on the complexity of your data model. For example, the more tables you have, the more relationships you may possibly have, and the more questions that Blue Ink will have to ask you before you can generate your application. The real key from my experience with Blue Ink is to have a solid data model. I suggest taking a look at the "Data Modeling in Visio" article posted on Blue Ink's website. Once you have a solid data model, building your web application is very simple. I also suggest that, on your first run of Blue Ink, you leave all of the meta-data answers to their default settings and generating your web application. From there you can view any modifications that may need to be made. If you have some changes, it is as simple as going into Blue Ink, answering a few questions and re-generating the application.

Blue Ink makes building secure robutst n-tier web applications quick and simple. If you are a bit more experienced in .NET you can customize your application very easily.

Denis Mittakarin
November 29 2005

"90% of Design, Development and Maintenance"

I began using Blue Ink about 2 months ago, at which time I was a complete newcomer to both web application development as well as .NET. Having come from a C++/Java background, it took about 2 weeks of becoming familiar with the language and diving into some of the generated code to get to the point where I felt a had a firm grasp over the structure of the code that Blue Ink generated as well as the purpose for each of the pieces. It took about another three weeks to become completely familiar with how the code worked, what would be needed to modify and add functionality or remove some of the many features that come standard upon generation. At the end of the second month, I feel completely confident in my ability to be able to modify and augment any part of the project and in fact was one of the lead developers. If I can do it, most will have no problem at all.

As a tool, Blue Ink supports its adoption by web application developers of all skill levels. By having a working product right out of the box, it is simple and usually trivial to add in new functionality or modify some of the default settings. Blue Ink was developed with developers in mind and as such, it caters to the way we approach web application design and development.

Blue Ink does 90% of the job of designing, developing and maintaining your web application. Using a solid N-Tier design, Blue Ink enables the developer to follow industry best practices without having to worry about any of the low level aspects, yet is flexible enough to allow new design functionality into an existing project.

Cory Virok
Senior Consultant
November 11 2005

"Significant savings in time and other resources"

We have utilized Blue Ink for several projects and it has yield significant savings in time and other resources. Tasks originally slated for a month have been accomplished in a week, a week in a day and a day in an hour. And the code is solid!

Andy Makowka
Headstrong Public Sector
October 17 2005


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