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The Blue Ink community consists of our user submitted success stories and frequently asked questions and our forums.


Active message threads from our forums:

General Forum

When is the right time to load data for a class?

dakinney0807 12/4/2006 I'm creating a class that is going to hold some info of the logged in user for a tool that I'm creating. Usually when I create a class I create an empty constructor, a full constructor and a Load ...

Lear 12/4/2006 dakinney0807, I guess it’s all personal preference and how it will be used. If the DB retrieval logic is in the constructor then you have the advantage of knowing that if you have an instance ...

abinkuser 8/27/2007 Other article called "Exception Management Architecture Guide" maye be more useful, it can download form MS, An exception management system should be well encapsulated and should abstract the details ...

Data Modeling with Visio article

jmev 5/23/2007 I was reading this article: elingVisio.aspx and I can't seem to find the "New Database Model Diagram" menu. The instructions read "Create a new model by simply ...

Lear 5/23/2007 Unfortunately you probably don't have the Enterprise Architect version of Microsoft Visio. If you do Help->About it should say "Microsoft Office Visio for Enterprise Architects (11.4301.8132) ...

jmev 5/24/2007 Unfortunately, that's exactly what the problem is. I have to get the company to upgrade -- in my dreams :(. Thanks. :)

Classes are not being referenced

Billyjack 10/29/2006 Hi, I loaded Blue Ink, chose the .net template for 1.1. loaded database meta info. Built project. When i open the sln to run in VS I get build errors. The type or namespace name ...

Lear 10/29/2006 Hi Billyjack, This is most frequently caused by not running CompileDataSets.bat. Please check out the following FAQ: px#23 If that fails to fix the problem ...

Blue Ink Issues Forum

connection error

belvinkr 2/3/2008 I keep getting An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL ...

Lear 2/4/2008 Hi belvinkr, Yes, Blue Ink does support SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. Is the SQL Server on a different box? If so you may need to run the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration tool. If ...

belvinkr 2/5/2008 I am testing this on my laptop, so everything is local and I have sysadmin permissions. I can connect fine to other apps, so not sure what is missing. The error is what was posted in my prior ...

Lear 2/5/2008 Belvinkr, Are you using the same connection string in Blue Ink as you are in other applications? Blue Ink automatically updates the connection string that it's going to use in the bottom text box ...

The project file ' ' has been renamed or is no longer in the solution.

johnvb 7/24/2007 I've just tried the standard C# template for VS 2005 on a very simple application (VS2005 V3.2.0). When I run the CompileSolutionOnly.bat file it seems to be trying to find a VS2003 version of ...

Lear 7/24/2007 Johnvb, Thanks for the heads up. Are you running Vista? I'm guessing this is related to Vista, since it used to work fine XP. But I recently upgraded, and now I get the exact same problem for ...

Lear 7/24/2007 Ok, I've published an updated Template Solution called 3.2.1 that will fix both problems you mentioned. If the workarounds don't work for you, you should be able to remove the template solution and ...

johnvb 7/25/2007 Thanks for the prompt response. I'll test it tomorrow and let you know, since I'm away from the office today. Cheers John

johnvb 7/27/2007 Thanks Lee, I've checked the 3.2.1 template version and it works fine. John

Changing dao files. What do I update?

mjeffery 4/10/2007 If I change a single dao.cs file, what do I need to send to the production server in order to finalize the fixes?

Lear 4/10/2007 If you just changed the dao then only its dll changed, so you should only have to copy that one dll to the server.

Success Stories

Positive feedback and success stories directly from existing Blue Ink users.

"Astounded by its Power and Capabilities"
Amol Kaikini, 12/2005

"Working Web Application Within 30 Minutes"
Denis Mittakarin, 11/2005

"90% of Design, Development and Maintenance"
Cory Virok, 11/2005

"Significant savings in time and other resources"
Andy Makowka, 10/2005

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our Frequently Asked Questions are user submitted. Please help expand the list.

How do I hard code users and passwords in my application?
dmittakarin8 12/2005

The .cs files for the typed datasets in the Common\Entities\BaseXsd\ folder are missing. What do I do?
tonis 12/2005


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