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Blue Ink Licenses Summary

This page provides a summary of Blue Ink's licensing method. Links are provided to the actual terms and conditions in the relevant sections below.


Blue Ink licenses grant permission to use the Blue Ink product with a particular database. All licenses are provided without regard to number of users. For example a single developer using Blue Ink on two projects concurrently, each with its own database, would require two licenses. Conversely two developers using Blue Ink on a single project with a single database would only require one license. With the exception of the Evaluation License, described below, all licenses provide the ability to use Blue Ink with a particular database indefinitely.


Prices for licenses including license upgrades are provided on the Blue Ink License Pricing page.

Table Limits on Licenses

The Free, Basic, and Professional licenses have a limit on the number of tables that the database they are to be used with may contain. If the number of tables in the database grows beyond the limit the license must be upgraded.

Licensing Options

Automated Architecture, Inc provides five licensing options for the Blue Ink product: Evaluation, Free, Basic, Professional, and Unlimited.

Evaluation License

Evaluation Licenses are granted at no cost to developers who have created an account with Blue Ink within the last 30 days. All evaluation licenses expire 30 days after a user has created an account with Blue Ink at which point licenses must be upgraded to any other license type. For instance, if a developer creates an account with Blue Ink on January 1, all evaluation licenses for that user expire on January 30. On January 31 any evaluation licenses created by that user must be upgraded to be used and no more evaluation licenses will be granted to that user.

Free License

Free licenses are available at no cost for databases that contain 15 or fewer tables.

Basic License

Basic licenses are available for databases that contain 40 or fewer tables.

Professional License

Professional licenses are available for databases that contain 80 or fewer tables.

Unlimited License

Unlimited licenses may be used on databases with any number of tables


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