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Software Development Articles

Automated Architecture's free, in-depth articles on software development tools and processes.

Non-Technical Articles

Topics from development processes to the future of code generation.

Rapid Application Development

The term is used by every tool on the market, but what really is Rapid Application Development?

Note: This article was republished with permission on the software development portal

Cracking the Code

Developers have been slow to adopt it, but code generation is coming into its own. This article will examine improvements which make this technology a better bet than ever before and discuss which projects can benefit most from code generation.

Note: Initially published on the project management portal.

Technical Articles

Topics from how Blue Ink works to customizing generated solutions to how to model data.

How Blue Ink Works

Includes key concepts and design goals, and describes Blue Ink Templates, and Meta-Data.

Data Modeling in Visio

Microsoft Visio is a powerful software development tool for data modeling. This article helps developers navigate the pitfalls of the sometimes querky tool.

Blue Ink Best Practices: Displaying More Columns

A technical article that describes how to update Blue Ink generated applications in order to display additional database columns. The article includes several best practices for updating generated code.


What is Rapid Application Development?


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